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Bodyguard hire in Ibiza Spain

British Private Security Team Based In Ibiza

Diplomat Protection Group Ibiza. British Bodyguard service
Bodyguard hire Ibiza 26 years experience


Bodyguard Service | Veteran Security Operatives from Ibiza's leading private security provider ~ Diplomat Protection Group®. Over the past 26 years we have earned a reputation for being the 'Top Security Team' in the Northern regions of Spain... and our Mediterranean HQ is here in Ibiza.


Our Professional Bodyguard Service in Ibiza protects clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Ibiza is a Island with a unique combination of risks that specifically target wealthy tourists, and our clients find it reassuring that we have the experience to Identify these problems & ensure that you avoid them.


Combining modern day social skills, expert local knowledge & B2B relationships that often make the impossible happen for our clients... you'll find TEAM.ONE Bodyguards very reassuring to have by your side during your time in Ibiza.

Established in 1997

26 years operational experience in Spain

24-7-365 Office in Ibiza since 2004

English speaking bodyguard Ibiza

"Proud to be the only British Bodyguard Service with a permanent operation in Ibiza, Post-Brexit"

24 hours per day, 7 days per week, all year round

Ibiza Bodyguard Hire
Bodyguards in Ibiza with 26 years experience

Protecting Globally-Significant Families 1997 - 2024

Protecting Ibiza's VIP community

2023 was our 26th year of service to the VIP Travel industry & to our distinguished clientele. No matter what level of protection you require - our vast experience allows us to apply our expertise in a manner that allows you to continue enjoying your lifestyle.

warning fake security in Ibiza

If you're not in direct contact with us
- you're not being protected by us!

To avoid any confusion:

  • we do not collaborate with any local business offering Bodyguard services in Ibiza.


  • Our trusted partners will connect you directly with our office so you can be certain that you are receiving our service.


  • Our security services can only be hired via our official channels:

(Spain +34) 626826042



Our Professional Bodyguards see the island through highly-trained-eyes. Our role is to ensure that you do not collide with the negative elements that we see around you.


Ultimately, it's our responsibility to create & maintain a calm, safe, private & well-organised environment around our client - so they can really relax & enjoy life!



Bodyguard Service in Ibiza Spain

Pickpockets - Street Crime

Villa Burglaries - High Value Scams

Criminal activities & scams in Ibiza are complex & wide-spread... organized crime gangs from all over Europe target the jet set resorts during the Summer, and sadly this includes our island.


From rapid street thefts to well-planned surveillance of 5-star hotel guests & the villas of wealthy tourists. In addition to this - amateurs & fakes operate in the island's security industry to capitalise on the growing demand for private security services in Ibiza. Every summer the tabloids report high-value thefts whilst 'security' were present. Choosing the wrong security can expose you to the risks that exist in Ibiza.

To avoid becoming a victim of these problems - corporate & private clients are turning to top-level Bodyguards in Ibiza like ours.

  • We cater for short-term visits & full-time private security operations for VIP residents of the Island.


  • We assist & guide other private security teams visiting with their own principal clients.

  • We accompany VIP tourists travelling around Spain & the Mediterranean jet-set resorts.​​



Diplomat Protection Group®

personal bodyguard Ibiza


Not everyone needs this level of service, but for those who take their security & privacy seriously - we are here for you...



Why do you need to hire a bodyguard in Ibiza?


  1. Hostility to your wealthy status.

  2. Hostility to your Business or Political activities.

  3. Targeted Robbery / Street Robbery.

  4. Over enthusiastic fans disrupting your privacy.

  5. Fans or criminals following you back to your villa.

  6. Paparazzi & other unwanted attention.

  7. Indiscriminate anti-social behaviour by others.


We're not here just for your personal safety - your Bodyguard is your security 'companion' - the person who recognises & deflects negative elements that could spoil a perfect day for you.


We're here to make sure you avoid the various types of crime & hostility, whilst enhancing your Ibiza experience via our network of contacts. Your privacy, your personal valuables, your important guests, your good name & professional reputation... it's our responsibility to ensure that everything & everyone is safe whilst you relax & enjoy your vacation.

Let us help you navigate Ibiza in a way that is ultimately more rewarding for you & your guests...

DPG also provide a selection of additional security services to maintain a closed-loop of information sharing for high-end clients visiting Ibiza.


Our private driver service in Ibiza, villa security and entertainment booking desk ensures that a clients movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock.

professional bodyguard in Ibiza
security driver Ibiza, driver bodyguard Ibiza
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