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Read About Us

DPG-Private® has been operational around the Mediterranean coastline, jet-set resorts and Cities since 1997. Our HQ is strategically positioned to focus on serving clientele in the Northern regions of Spain & the Balearic Islands... and it's not uncommon to be supporting clientele along the French Riviera.


As a team with British leadership - naturally we travel to London with clientele from Spain.


DPG was founded by a group of former Government, Intelligence & Military assets who served together on joint operations here in Spain. Together with hand-picked team members from multiple Special Forces units, Tactical Response officers & Advanced VIP Bodyguards from the private sector - Diplomat Protection Group TEAMS represents the top 1% in the Private Security Industry.


We are a 'result-focused' team of professional Bodyguards - protecting clients living, working or travelling in challenging environments. Ibiza is an Island with complex crime issues that specifically target HNW tourists, and it's reassuring for our clients that we have the experience to foresee, identify & react to threats with a carefully-measured response.

We adopt a 'Tier-1' approach - identifying & recruiting high-risk security operatives from credible, elite backgrounds - and teach them how to recalibrate their skills to unique environments like Ibiza. By constantly monitoring the calibre of our team members, we have been able to maintain an impressive track record for 26 years.

When clients are accustomed to hiring top level protection, D.P.G acts as a gateway to the elite who operate in the local private security sector. Never underestimate the value of hiring local security experts in Ibiza.

Ibiza's leading authority on security and crime issues

For many years we have been quietly & carefully activating change; tactically enriching both the industry & the lives of our clientele - for no other reason than the fact that we are passionate about remaining 'the' superior source of Professional Bodyguards & related security services in our specific area of the industry.


Our success can be measured not only by the calibre of our personnel, but equally by Clientele-Association. Some clients may appear in 'Glossy Magazines' week after week - other clients may lead a 'Spiritual Nation' - and many of our clients have accumulated wealth and feel an obligation to their loved-ones to protect what's important to them. No matter whom they are or what they do, they rely on DPG to provide stability and measured control in their lives whilst on vacation.


We believe security should be approachable, knowledgeable & well informed, discrete & highly effective. All these attributes combined with superior backgrounds and comprehensive training are at the core of our business. The result is good looking, English speaking Bi-lingual, professionally trained security companions, highly trained Close Protection and expert Driver Bodyguards in Ibiza - representing an exceptional first impression on your behalf - perfectly sensitive to your concerns and protecting what is most important to you.


Our clientele list is one of the most diverse & expansive in this industry - and our Senior Operatives are familiar faces within certain high-profile travel & entertainment arenas around Europe.

Diplomat Protection Group are the leading authority in Ibiza on security risk management. You can read everything you need to know about this private security team here on their official website.

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