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Protecting Globally-Significant Clients 1997-2021

" Pioneers of the Private Security Industry in the Mediterranean Jet-Set Resorts "

Private Security in Ibiza

We operate at the highest level - applying a rhythm & quality of service unique to our company...

This is impossible to duplicate without exceptional experience in this area of the VIP Security industry - and our clients continue to comment on their positive experience with our team members.

Why do you need VIP Security in Ibiza?

VIP Security in Ibiza acts as a front-line defence no matter what information is readily available to those with criminal intent on their minds. Although Ibiza is a relatively safe place, it does pose additional concerns for Celebrity & High-Net-Worth clientele..... such as:

  • Hostility to your wealthy status.
  • Hostility directed at your Business or Political activities.
  • Targeted robbery / street robbery.
  • Over enthusiastic fans disrupting your privacy.
  • Fans or criminals following you back to your villa.
  • Paparazzi & other unwanted attention.
  • Indiscriminate anti-social behavior by others.

DPG also provide a selection of additional security services to maintain a closed-loop of information sharing for high-end clients visiting Ibiza.

Our private driver service, villa security and entertainment booking desk ensures that a clients movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock. , VIP security ibiza, private security service in Ibiza, psi Ibiza,

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Diplomat Protection Group

Specializes In Vacation Private Security

Diplomat Protection Group® is an official source for private security, armed bodyguards, close protection, professional villa security & highly professional chauffeurs in Ibiza Spain - with operational capability in many of the Jet-Set resorts around the Mediterranean.

Established in 1997 - DPG is a British owned Ibiza Private Security business with more than 23 years experience providing personal protection within the Luxury Travel industry. We specialise in providing private security to high-profile travellers on vacation & leisure trips.

You'll find our service highly effective without the sense of imminent danger. We understand that delivering personal security whilst remaining calm & relaxed - allows 'YOU' to truly relax & enjoy your vacation.

There's nothing worse than a security team behaving like you're about to be attacked by terrorists - [working at full-volume'] it prevents the client from relaxing.

Our Mediterranean offices offer bespoke security solutions for the VIP travel community. Our Security Operatives have been protecting high-profile families & globally-significant individuals since 1997.

​Our most senior team members operate from our Mediterranean offices in Ibiza & Mykonos. They all come from elite security backgrounds. They are our most calm, charming & friendly bodyguards & close protection experts - perfect companions for your vacation.

​Our services are available in Ibiza, Mykonos, St Tropez, Barcelona, Marbella & during the Winter months and you will find us protecting our clients in the jetset ski resorts of Courchevel 1850 & St Moritz.

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