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  • Diplomat Protection Group® is the only private security team operating 365 days of the year in Ibiza. Our Mediterranean headquarters is based here, and having a busy all-year-round operation means we have a deeper understanding of which criminal gangs are active and their preferred methods of entry.


  • Knowing who is breaking into villas and how they operate helps us provide Ibiza's most effective security at high-end properties.​


  • Our professional villa guards have experience within complex hostile environments - they have the ability to provide a robust, effective layer of security.


  • 2023 was our 26th year of security operations here in Ibiza.

Villa break-ins are common here in Ibiza - but this should not deter you from renting a private villa for your vacation. Villa robberies are common because luxury properties are rented without effective security in place. Most high-end villas have modern alarm systems but when they are triggered by a forced-entry the response time for the alarm company's agent to arrive at the property is often 50-60 minutes. This is why you need a professional guard onsite at the villa.


When clients request additional security guards through their villa agent or concierge, it's common practice to source the lowest cost service to maximise the agents profit margins. They often keep 50% of the clients payment and hire low-cost, untrained & ineffective security...

  • Luxury villas usually have a sophisticated alarm system that alerts a security company when there is a break-in. Unfortunately here in Ibiza the average time for a mobile guard to arrive is 50-60minutes... plenty of time for thieves to take whatever valuables are at the property.


  • Local Police forces are overwhelmed with controlling tourism-related issues during the summer months and villa break-ins are extremely difficult to control. This is why criminal gangs have turned their focus on villas.


  • Gangs have developed their own network of 'insiders' who feed useful information to them about wealthy villa guests.


  • Criminals wait outside clubs & restaurants - identifying people with high value watches & jewellery... these victims are being followed back to their villas... and so the process begins.


  • Sophisticated gangs use portable signal-blockers to circumnavigate alarm systems & prevent calls to the Police. Gas has also become a tool used to keep clients from waking up.


  • When you ask a middleman / agency / concierge to organize security for you - their choices are based on their profit-margins. Their choices are putting you & your property at risk!




Diplomat Protection Group® are industry leaders in Ibiza for protecting 'at-risk' people. We never imagined being so busy protecting high-end properties... but Ibiza's security industry attracts untrained workers, fake security & unreliable characters. Our clients prefer to hire security experts from our team of professional bodyguards based in Ibiza. When you hire us to protect your property, you're hiring professionals who have experience within complex hostile environments - they have the ability to provide a robust, effective layer of security. Villa break-ins often involve gangs of 3 or 4 members. For this reason you need effective villa security who have the skills & equipment to keep the property and it's guests safe!


Professional Private Villa Security Guards in Ibiza

Villa Security Guard Service Ibiza

  1. Our villa security service is delivered by professional bodyguards.

  2. We do not out-source this work to low-cost manpower.​

  3. We guarantee our service.​

  4. Your property is protected by genuine villa security professionals.​

  5. We do not demand cash payment - we are a legitimate security supplier.​


security guard service in Ibiza

We are the only private security company in Ibiza that offers a guarantee against loss from villa break-ins whilst our professional guards are on duty!

Guarantee Security Guard Ibiza


  • Criminal Record Checked Staff
  • Staff with Security Clearance
  • Senior staff from superior backgrounds
  • In depth knowledge of Ibiza security risks
  • Charming, relaxed & confident staff
  • Happy to assist visiting security teams
  • Premium fleet of vehicles for clients
  • Professional security drivers
  • Multilingual with English 1st language
  • Smart clothes - professional image
  • 26yrs experience in Ibiza with VIP clients
  • 5.0 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Client Reviews.


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