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Tier-One Private Security Team Based In Ibiza

Villa Security Service in Ibiza

Why do you need Villa Security in Ibiza?

Although Ibiza is a relatively safe place, it does pose additional concerns for Celebrity & High-Net-Worth clientele..... such as: over enthusiastic fans following you back to your villa - Paparazzi & other unwanted attention - targeted robbery - villa intrusions and even privacy issues with villa staff or service suppliers visiting your villa. These are all areas of concern for our clientele, and we manage them with discretion, professionalism & charm..

Things To Consider When Hiring Villa Security in Ibiza:

i) Hire from an Official Security Source: Villa Rental Agents & Concierge services are not regulated industries in Ibiza. For that reason they are not a good contact for organising Professional Security Services because they don't have to follow industry regulations. Additional villa services such as villa security in Ibiza are offered as a profitable add-on, and your agent may be choosing services that are primarily "most profitable" to the agent - without concern for the quality or legality of such services. Always choose your security directly with a reputable supplier via their official websites.

Private Villa Security acts as a front-line defence no matter what information is readily available to those with criminal intent on their minds. DPG also provide a selection of additional security services to maintain a closed-loop of information sharing for high-end clients visiting Ibiza.

Our private driver service, villa security and entertainment booking desk ensures that a clients movements are kept confidential – meaning both the clients and villa are more secure around the clock.

Hiring Villa Security | More Info

Serving the Diplomatic Community & Entertainment Industry working alongside extremely High-Net-Worth Clientele / A-List Celebrities / World Renowned Dignitaries / High Profile Corporate Giants / Business Tycoons / Money Makers & Dream Achievers

Our security staff all operate legally in Spain & France

  • Criminal Record Checked Staff
  • Staff with Security Clearance
  • Senior staff from superior backgrounds
  • In depth knowledge of Ibiza security risks
  • Charming, relaxed & confident staff
  • Superior operational experience in Ibiza
  • Happy to assist visiting security teams
  • Premium fleet of vehicles for clients
  • Professional security drivers
  • Multilingual with English 1st language
  • Smart casual clothes - professional image
  • 23yrs experience in Ibiza with VIP clients

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